Blizzcon Quicknotes: Day 1

I don’t have much time to write this, as I want to get adequate sleep for the next day of Blizzcon’s events.

  • The line to get in grew to an enormous size.

Welcome to the Line Ride

Welcome to the Line to Enter the Line to the Line Ride

  • Opening ceremony was fairly generic, but entertaining. Wizard class for D3 announced.
  • UI panel was extremely simple.
    • Talked about progression of achievement interface design.
    • Went through the alpha and beta iterations of DK potrait pane.
    • Changed the menu bar for more flexibility.
  • Class discussion covered nothing new that hasn’t been reported on World of Raids.
    • But re-confirmation that dual speccing will be implemented in the near future.
    • Brief talk about how sharing too many abilities across classes is bad (in the context of tanks, in reference to druids getting a last stand-like ability, but not SW).
  • Art panel was interesting.
    • They showed a picture of Dalaran in the ground. When someone asked if it would possibly by a CoT instance in the future, someone on the team paused and replied, “Maybe.”
  • 3v3 tournaments were awesome to watch. But I think the announcer was really shaky for the Selective Queuers v. Council of Mages matches.
  • D3 plays like Diablo should. Didn’t get much time to try it out.
  • My camera’s batteries suck, so pictures of the first day are lacking.

More tomorrow. Sorry this doesn’t say much. I will do a more extensive write-up of the experience on Monday (I hope Monday, at least). Nothing really new to talk about, anyway. But I was hoping to get more pictures.

Before the Opening Ceremony

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