Blizzcon Quicknotes: Day 2

Before I dive into my notes for day two of Blizzcon, I should mention that I skipped most of the panels. I did not attend the convention as a member of the press, so I did not feel obligated to attend and report on specific panels. Besides, most of it was broadcast on DirectTV, meaning the important information is going to be everywhere. So I decided to do what I wanted. That meant attending the arena tournaments more than anything.

In any case, here’s a quick recap of my day two experience:

  • Attended the loser bracket finals of WoW arena tournament. Orz vs. Selective Queuers.
    • SQ won 3-2.
  • Attended the finals. Nihilum Plasma vs. Selective Queuers. Plasma needed one round to win. SQ two.
    • Nihilum won 3-2.
  • Attended the China vs. Nihilum match. Nothing to say. World Elite (the Chinese team) ran RMP (rogue, mage, priest). Nihilum stomped all over them in three matches with three different comps, including a double war and druid comp.
  • Attended the second class panel. It was essentially the same as the main panel from day one. I was going to try to ask a question, but I was third in line when they called it
    • More intelligent questions today, but only one unexpected answer, really. Devs responded to a question sounding like they’d consider making the excorcism glyph effect usable on players (as an interrupt).
  • Watched Nihilum vs. winners of the Blizzard internal tournament.
    • Nihilum stomped on them the first two games. Then went 2v3 and lost. But came back to win the last.
  • Then attended the closing ceremony. Nothing new, again. Comedians. L80ETC and Video Games Live. Fairly generic. (But fun.)

These notes lack details. Some interesting. Some frivolous. I won’t be able to post a full assessment of the event (from my perspective) until tomorrow or Monday, depending on when I get back home.

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