Quick Note

My host upgraded my domain’s PHP version, which broke the design and readability of Lume the Mad in some sections. As a result, I am working on fixing things to make sure its archives can be perused. The fix will take some time, since Lume the Mad is not at all a priority for me. As a stopgap measure, I’ve updated WordPress and reverted to the default theme just to make sure thing are readable in a basic form.

No, this does not mean I’m back to playing or writing about WoW. I just want to make sure my past work does not fall into the void. There is another reason for it, but I’ll talk about that only when I’m ready.

2 thoughts on “Quick Note

  1. Hey, Lor! Long time, no see. Long time, no reply on my part.

    I’m not interesting in playing WoW again. Nor interested in the private server scene, for that matter. If I play, it’ll be on the live servers. And probably just to see new content.

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