About Lume the Mad

Lume the Mad was started in April of 2008. Its run ended in September of 2011. It had a varying amount of activity at different points during its run.

Lilume, Oct 2008Its most active and successful period was between July and October of 2008. The summer and the lull between expansions had gifted me with a lot of free time, which allowed me to write prolifically and approach the blog with a high degree of seriousness.

After this, the blog went through several different states of activity and inactivity. It doesn’t really need to be recounted, because it’s there for everyone to read.

Why “Lume the Mad”?

In 1999, I began playing Ultima Online. About a month into playing the game, I searched the Internet for some information and came across a blog called Lum the Mad. It became a staple in my daily reads, even after I had quit UO.

My character’s name in WoW was Lilume. Because a few people had resorted to simply calling me “Lume,” I decided to spin a pun in the blog’s title as an homage to Scott Jennings, the author of Lum the Mad.

Is This the End?

Yes. Two years later, I’ve decided to cut all ties with this blog. I am moving forward with my life. It was fun while it lasted.

Is There Any Other Way I Can Contact You?

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