Essential Posts

This page lists the posts I think are essential reading and historically important to the blog.

Essential Reading

  • Sexism
    • Posted June 8th, 2008
    • “Drama is drama, whether it wears male or female genitalia.”
  • Video Games As Art
    • Posted June 24th, 2008
    • I still think Ebert is wrong when he says video games cannot be art. And while I would rewrite this article to use more modern examples, its point still stands.
  • Lore and Storlines: The Sunwell
    • Posted June 30th, 2008
    • This post continues to be one of the most searched for posts on the blog. Even though it is over three years old, it brings in a steady trickle of traffic to the blog. That’s pretty good for an old article written about old content.
  • A Public Response: Stop Telling People How to Game
    • Posted August 18th, 2008
    • I still think there’s nothing wrong with people’s choices in what sort of genre of games they play. Even though I’ve personally lost interest in WoW, I can still appreciate why people play it and other MMOs.
  • My Pessimism Concerning MMOs
    • Posted April 16th, 2010
    • This entry talks about what I think is wrong with MMOs in general and why I’m not confident they’re heading in the right direction. And while SWTOR has validated some of Bioware’s ambitions, and refuted a couple of my points, it won’t address many of the other problems I’ve listed in this article.
  • Cataclysm in Review
    • Posted July 14th through September 8th, 2011
    • This is my big review of Cataclysm, WoW’s third expansion and its fourth major content cycle. It is the last series of major articles posted on Lume the Mad.

Historically Important Articles

  • The “Zombie” Portion of the pre-Wrath Event Is Flawed
    • Posted October 26th, 2008
    • This post was featured on Massively and several podcasts. The comment section absolutely exploded as a result. Some people defended my argument. Some people berated it. The reaction in general was hysterical. I can look back on this article and smile with nostalgia. This is why we blog.
  • Is It Time to Renovate Old Outdoor Content?
    • Posted October 27th, 2008
    • I made this entry before Cataclysm was announced. I don’t know if I influenced Blizzard’s decision to renovate the old world content or not. Either way, I stand by my argument that it was necessary.

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