Memories of Lunacy’s Raid

To accompany my personal farewell, I just want to reflect on Lunacy’s relatively brief history. Our highlights include:

  • U.S. 49th Kalecgos.
  • U.S. 50th Brutallus.
  • U.S. 40th M’uru.
  • U.S. 64th Kil’jaeden.
  • U.S. 52nd Lose Your Illusion.
  • U.S. 45th Steelbreaker (no VW cheese).
  • U.S. 57th Heartbreaker.
  • U.S. 60th GVH.
  • U.S. 56th Yogg1.
  • U.S. 85th Yogg0.
  • We also placed fairly well on 5-minute Malygos, but WoWProgress no longer has that on record.

We did this all while raiding on merely 20 hours a week (only more than 20 hours roughly three times each expansion).

Lunacy was a fresh guild at the beginning of TBC. Its birth was a result of my desire to create my own guild, and a friend’s willingness to help me co-lead. We started with only a small handful of players looking to raid hardcore at the beginning of TBC and built the guild from scratch. We managed to get the server second clear of Karazhan, and the best legitimate attempt of Gruul on the server pre-nerf (5%), despite the fact that we had only just managed to build the guild to a level where we could raid 25-man content.

We started getting realm firsts with our kill of Hydross, and from there we succeeded to do so on every boss except Lurker (because the guild that beat us did him first, while we focused on harder bosses), and Illidan (due to tank attrition).

The guild’s atmosphere was relaxed, but not to a point where performance suffered. We had really only a few people with questionable attitudes, and they didn’t dominate our otherwise friendly and crazy shenanigans.

Tempest Keep was really where we hit our stride. We took off entire raiding days to do marathon heroic sessions to make sure people were prepared for attunement. Our kill of Kael’thas was three weeks before the next guild on Proudmoore. And the same happened in Hyjal with our kill of Archimonde. A crew of 19 people stuck around after our Kael’thas kill to knock off Rage before the reset so we could be ready to do BT comfortably the following week.

We had our bumps at the end of Black Temple, however, with the guild that beat us putting in extra time while we suffered because we had only three tanks to work with (one of which was often two hours late to the raid). We only lost by 30 minutes, despite the fact that we didn’t put in extra time on BT at all, except a handful of us who would farm trash for hearts. We put in a grand total of two extra hours on Hyjal for the early attunement push.

Fortunately, people in the guild recognized our strengths and didn’t let the loss get to them. As a result, our first week in SWP was extremely strong. We got the U.S. 49th kill of Kalecgos and 50th of Brutallus.

But we stumbled greatly on Felmyst, dropping down to 121st. It exposed the weaknesses we had in terms of situational awareness. But we were determined not to let that happen on subsequent kills, and sat people who did not meet our standards of performance in that regard. This allowed us to improve by 51 places on the Eredar Twins (70th in the U.S.) and M’uru (40th in the U.S.).

Kil’jaeden was also a stumbling point, again showing our weaknesses in terms of situational awareness. But the people who had major problems on Felmyst showed improvement and we still managed the 64th kill in the U.S., despite the fact that we were often running with barely enough people to attempt the encounter, much less repeat M’uru before the major nerf.

Come Wrath, we started having major problems. A lot of our stronger players used the transition from one expansion to another to step away from WoW or raiding. Some of our stronger players remained, but we had gaping holes to fill. And we were never the same. We went through a lot of truly mediocre recruits to find some good ones, but we never found enough to man full raids every day in our schedule, despite the fact that we lowered our standards slightly just so we could man full raids enough to progress.

It’s amazing to me, however, that despite our problems, we were still managing a lot of top 100 kills in the U.S. for Ulduar hard modes, and even one in the top 50. It made me wonder what we could have accomplished had we not taken such a huge hit between expansions.

Alas, our problems slowly caught up to us, and this version of the raid is no more.

There were a lot of fun moments. Even in Wrath. It is thanks to nearly all members of Lunacy’s raid, past and present. Admittedly, not all of you, but roughly 98%. Thanks for making the time spent well worth it! I leave you with some of the videos of our fond memories.